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Danbury Whalers Lauch Killer Ale Soda

on Oct 10, 2011

The Danbury Whalers are proud to announce the launching of Danbury Whalers Killer Ale Root Beer & Black Cherry soda.

The soda is a new area of merchandising for the team. The product will be available for re-sale at the games, but not for consumption as the purchased cases can be picked up after the game.

Killer Ale is great for the Danbury Whalers fan in your life. It goes great with ice cream in a float, washes down a cheeseburger, and mixes perfectly with the adult beverage of your choice.

The name Killer Ale was created by Danbury Whalers CEO, Herm Sorcher’s 16 year old daughter, Sage Salvador. “We made the commitment on the product, but it needed the right name. Sage was the first person I called and I said what are you feeling on this?”

When asked about it, Sage said, “I thought ‘Killer Ale’ right away. It sounds like killer whale and it’s got some snap to it. Once you taste it you are hooked like a big fish or mammal in this case.”

The Killer Ale logo was designed by Danbury Whalers logo creator Dom Alessandro of AW Design in Manhattan. Check them out at www.aw-design.com.

Killer Ale is available in Root Beer & Black Cherry. It retails for $39 for a case of 24 or $11 per six pack.

The product is available only through the Danbury Whalers and can be purchased by calling 973-713-7547 or emailing hsorcher@thedanburywhalers.com.